I teach comparative politics and international political sociology, with a particular focus on the sociology of development. I am also strongly interested in innovative pedagogic tools, mixing simulations, multimedia, and traditional lectures.

Contemporary debates in the sociology of development

This course is an exploration of central questions of international development. It is an advanced level course, aimed at students having a strong background in political science and international studies, although a precise knowledge of the field of development is not required. The lecture will be organized around questions open for debate. Students will receive a large variety of analytical tools in order to critically address these questions, connecting them to concrete policy issues.

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Practising negotiation

This course is an introduction to the study of international negotiations. The course will be delivered through both a set lectures and the organisation of a simulation of an international negotiation: the Global Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. Each student will be part of a country team, and will negotiate with the other parties of the UN Convention on Climate Change. The negotiations will unfold on the basis of issues discussed in this international arena in real life. By the end of this course, students will have acquired a general knowledge on the history and mechanisms of international negotiations, elements for reflection on negotiations in general and a more detailed understanding of climate governance.

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Lectures given in the past years

International Political Economy (2017-19)

Sociology of international development (2017-19)

Comparative politics (2015-2019)